Instant Follow Friday: Marina and the Diamonds Is a Music Queen, Fashion Icon, and ‘Froot’ Mastermind

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In honor of her Froot-y highness, Marina and the Diamonds is this week’s Instant Follow Friday.

In the wake of the release of her third album, it appears that pop Queen Marina Diamandis has perhaps the best album of the year, not to mention an amazing wardrobe capable of making any and every Coachella-monger out there swoon with jealousy.

Froot, released last month, revealed another side to Diamandis, an oft departure from last project, Electra Heart and in her debut, The Family Jewels. One could say Diamandis has a more dreamy pep to her step as she springs from one cloud to another, in comparison to the sugar plum fairy sounds of her past alter-egos.

Additionally, she wrote all twelve songs that are on the album by herself (collaborating with producer David Kosten), and she told Billboard she wishes to eventually repackage the album with seven additional new tracks.

While talking to Spin, she called Froot more “effortless” whereas with Electra Heart, she said, “I felt so fenced in because I had created a character and I couldn’t deviate from how it looked, really. It was putting on this wig every single day, having to wear the heart.”

Accordingly, Marina “I Am Not a Robot” Diamandis’s Instagram is likewise a pleasurable escape into her opposite-of-basic-world, featuring an array of gorgeous color palettes, high-fashion shoots and on-stage looks that are a radiant expression of Diamandis’s ’70s inspired aesthetic and unique style.

With a flair for “strong feminine looks, but blending them with futuristic elements,” she told Spin, Marina and the Diamonds has one of the most beautiful wardrobes we’ve ever seen and the melodies to boot. Listen to her latest album immediately, such as her songs “I’m a Ruin” and “Blue” here right now:

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Be sure to take a look through the gallery of some of her best Instagram moments, and check out some of her best Tweets below: