Hey Tidal Subscribers, Jay Z Might Call You Soon

Mumford and Sons: No Thanks
These guys want nothing to do with Jay Z's Tidal.

Reason #21093 (not) to sign up for Tidal: the possibility of getting a phone call from the one and only Jay Z.

Tidal executive Vania Schlogel tells Business Insider that Hova himself has been calling Tidal subscribers to say hello and thanks.

“He called some of his fans and one of them made the funniest comment,” according to Schlogel. “He said, ‘This is the best customer service call I’ve ever received!’”

The phone calls, made by Jay and other artists like Jack White, are no accident. As Business Insider points out, musicians with their own Tidal accounts have access to information on who’s listening to their work and how their albums are doing. These musician accounts also have the privilege of viewing subscribers’ contact information.

No word on whether or not anyone’s received a phone call from Jay Z’s wife, Beyoncé. (Or non-wife, Rihanna).

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