Did Ariana Grande’s Dad Hilariously Call Out Big Sean for Making a Sexually Suggestive Pun?

Irregardless of fame, dads will be dads: protective, sometimes intimidating, and omnipresent especially when it comes to social media.

Some people are saying Ariana Grande’s dad, Edward Butera, called out her boyfriend Big Sean on Instagram after he made a sexually suggestive pun.

Big Sean, 27, and Grande, 22, have been dating since around August. They make their romance no secret with all their PDA, never-ending Honeymoon phase, and sickening-cute things they do like their secret handshake.

So his recent photo and funny comment, “I give her that D… #Detroit” isn’t exactly all surprising (after all, he raps about her “billion dollar p****” in his song “Stay Down,” and she once admitted to loving “big black balls”…).

However, more accurately, it’s a lyric from his verse on Kanye West’s song “Mercy,” that goes “I give her that D, cause that’s where I was born and raised in” referring to his hometown Detroit, MI (and the Detroit tigers baseball hat he’s wearing in the pic, too).

I give her that D… #Detroit

A photo posted by BIGSEAN (@bigsean) on

Fans then noticed that someone on Instagram claiming to be Grande’s father, with the handle @edward_butera (same as Butera’s Instagram) commented on the photo rather unamused by his talented daughter’s boyfriend: “That D. better be Detroit Sean.”  

However, Butera took to his own Twitter yesterday (April 18, 2015) to say that it wasn’t him:

So the funny dad-comment might not have been Grande’s father himself, but if it was, we can’t blame him for being over-protective!