‘KUWTK’ Season 10, Episode 6 Recap: Kourtney Kardashian Goes Nude, Scott Disick Gets Drunk

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kourtney kardashian

Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 10, episode 6 was filled with nude photo shoots (Kourtney Kardashian) and major (Scott Disick and Kris Jenner) arguments.

Did you miss the show? Don’t worry, we’re breaking the episode down for you in the recap below!

This episode had a lot of shocking moments, but here’s Celebuzz‘s top five must-see moments you missed:

1.Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian and Scott talk about Bruce Jenner‘s hair. Bruce is currently going through a transition, though it hasn’t really been mentioned on the show. But, Kim, Khloé and Scott did comment on his appearance during this episode. While eating lunch, Khloé looks at a picture of Bruce on her phone. The pic shows Bruce’s long hair, and the group starts to make comments about it.

Khloé: “So Bruce’s hair looks different.”

Kim: “Good ol’ Bruser.”

Scott: “The extensionator.”

Khloé: “I think that’s his real hair.”

Scott: “I think he just got it blown out.”

Khloé: “I just think it looks really good now.”

Kim: “Really good?”

Khloé: “It looks thick. It’s thick and lustrous.”

Scott: “She’s right, I think he just puts product in it.”

*End Scene*

2. Kourtney does a nude pregnant photo shoot for DuJour magazine. Disck comes to visit the set and tells Kourtney, “I didn’t even know you were this pretty. I learn something new everyday.” In his video commentary Disick says, “Seeing Kourtney at the photo shoot and noticing how well-sculpted she is downstairs, makes me really believe that I do have more than one talent. She does look quite amazing, I mean, she’s really got a glow to her. So, I’m pretty proud of her.” Before her photo shoot, Scott helped her get ready by shaving her down there. So, Scott clearly thinks he’s very talented.

3. Scott books Kris on a club appearance in Las Vegas for her birthday. Kris agrees to do it, but then, after telling her kids about the event, Kris has second thoughts and doesn’t think it’s age appropriate. Kris asks Scott to come over to her house so they can talk. When she tries to get out of the club appearance, Scott tells her it would be bad for business. Scott asks Kris, “Would you freak out if one of your talent pulled out at the last minute on a deal that you had them in?” Kris replies, “It would be bad business for sure.” She then agrees to go to the party.

4. Kris gets pissed off when Scott shows up drunk to her birthday dinner. Scott goes to Las Vegas to be there for Kris’ party. But, when Kris arrives with her friends (including boyfriend Corey Gamble) to dinner, Scott is nowhere to be found. He eventually shows up, drunk. After getting out of control during the meal, Kris tells Scott, “You’re an asshole!” But, he doesn’t seem to care. When they go to the club, Scott seems to be even more drunk, and he gets alcohol all over Kris and her friends. Scott apologizes to Kris, but she’s still pissed at him. She had just told him to lay off the alcohol, and he didn’t listen.

5. Kourtney thinks Scott is schizophrenic. While talking about the Las Vegas trip, Kourtney tells her mom and Khloe how she feels about Scott’s behavior. “The frustrating part is that he goes from one extreme to the next,” Kourtney reveals. “He gets on this bandwagon of like ‘Oh I’m gonna be this and have this great summer and whatever’ and then he changes it suddenly without talking about it with anybody.” She just goes on to say, “He’s just like, annoying. He’s not trying, he’s a dick, he’s rude.” Khloe asks, “All the time?” To which Kourtney replies, “No, off and on. Sometimes he’s like, ‘Oh my God you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to my life’ and ‘What would I do without you?’ and ‘I want to change and I want to be there for you guys.’ Then the next day he’ll be like, ‘You’re showing me baby clothes? Why would I care about that?’ He’s literally schizophrenic.”

On the next episode of KUWTK: Scott and Kourtney talk about their third child, while Kris thinks someone is following her.