Waka Flocka Flame Is Running For President: Here Are 6 Things He Plans to Take Care of in Office

Watch out, Hillary Clinton! Waka Flocka Flame just announced he’s running for President in 2016, and he already has some pretty big plans should he land in the Oval office.

Hillary Clinton: Running for President
Hillary Clinton officially announced she is running for President in 2016.

First up? “Legalize marijuana,” he tells Rolling Stone magazine whilst getting ready to roll up some weed of his own. “The President gotta have a big, fat, old blunt, ya know?”

He then continues, adding some evidence to his argument about legalizing the drug, “A blunt a day will take the pain away. You wake up, hit a blunt, go to work — ahit gonna be okay. You look around, things aren’t looking good, you hit a blunt — shit gonna be okay.”

As for other major problems in society, he takes a stand on five big subjects:

1. Animals in Restaurants:  “First thing I will fuckin’ stop as president is dogs coming in restaurants,” he demands. “I don’t want to see no fuckin’ animal in the restaurant ever again.”

2. Big Feet: “Anybody who got feet over size 13 cannot walk in public no more. They have to take trains, cabs and buses.”

3. Education: “Education is important. We need to start teaching these kids more reality skills, and they gotta learn my lyrics before they get out of school.”

4. Jobs: “I’m gonna raise minimum wage. I feel like all fast food restaurants should be paying $15/hour since In-N-Out Burger is doing it.”

5. Women’s Rights: “Women rights? I feel like women got all the rights already. What else do they want? My mother was my father and my mother so she controlled the house, she raised five men, put food on the table, she kept the lights on…Women are pretty tough right now. I feel like it’s not the thing of rights for women, it’s more of a respect thing.”

And as for the other candidates? Flocka Flame says Hillary Clinton is his only real competition. “The women love her and she’s honest and her husband is Bill [Clinton] so it’s a tough one…and I hope I make it.”

Watch his full presidential announcement in the video above.