Amber Portwood to Farrah Abraham: ‘Get Over Yourself’

Farrah vs. Amber
Farrah Abraham tries to hit below the belt.
Everybody Hates Farrah
Here's why no one really likes Farrah Abraham.

Teen Mom OG’s Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood are basically the new Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag.

The two MTV stars are quickly becoming the network’s latest famed frenemies. Though they’ve been promoting their new series side-by-side, they’ve also been throwing some serious shade during their spare time apart.

Most recently, Abraham took a dig at Portwood and the rest of the Teen Mom OG cast by claiming that she’s the most important star of the show. During an interview with YouTube star Shane Dawson, porn “sex tape” star Abraham insisted she’s the only one that matters.

“They kind of merged the Housewives show with the Teen Mom show because we’re getting older,” she said of the series’ new format. “I guess some of the Teen Moms are trying to be Housewives, but it doesn’t work because their husbands aren’t successful.”

“They had to show they made the wrong choice at first,”Abraham continued, claiming that producers apologized to her for initially firing her from the series. “I shine so I don’t care.”

However, the remarks soon made their way back to Portwood, who took to Twitter to respond.

But before you get your popcorn out for an epic Twitter war, Portwood clarified that she has no intention to fight with her co-star. In other words: She’ll just probably have to deal with Abraham and her sad attempts to create drama until the show ends.

Whatever keeps the paychecks coming, right?