Kim Kardashian: I Wish I Had More Confidence Growing Up

Kim Kardashian just revealed a big secret from her childhood past.

During an interview with Matt Lauer at the Time 100 Gala, honoring Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” in the world, Kardashian was very honest about her childhood.

Lauer sat down with some of the honorees, including Bradley Cooper, Emma Watson, Kardashian and more. During the interviews, Lauer asked them all the same four questions.

The first question: What advice would you have given your younger self?

Kardashian responded by saying, “I wish I had more confidence growing up.” Lauer then asked, “Were you insecure as a kid?” To which Kardashian replied, “Not really insecure, I was just really shy.”

Second: Describe falling in love for the first time.

Again, Kardashian had a very emotional response. “You think you know so much about love when you’re really young and then you look back later and probably realize that it’s not what you thought it was,” she told Lauer.

Third: Time is running out for me to…?

Kardashian replied, “Time is always running out I feel like, there’s never enough time to spend with your family and the people that you love.”

Fourth: My favorite school lunch when I was a kid was…?

“I always loved my best friend Allison’s lunch,” Kardashian explained. “Because she always got lots of Cheetos and Oreos and I was stuck with really healthy food. So, I always begged her for some of her lunch.”

We would like some of Allison’s lunch as well.

Check out the responses from Cooper, Watson and more celebs in the video below!