Photos Allegedly of Bruce Jenner Wearing a Dress Surface After He Calls the Police on Paparazzi

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A lonely-looking Bruce Jenner nurses his cup of coffee in Malibu

Illegal photos allegedly of Bruce Jenner wearing a striped dress with a knee-high slit outside of his Malibu, CA home have surfaced.

Yesterday, we reported that Jenner called the cops on paparazzi for shamefully, illegally taking photos of him outside of his Malibu home with a telephoto lens. LA Sheriff’s County deputies were spotted leaving the 65-year-old’s home after searching for the paparazzi in question.

The paparazzi were reportedly staked out on a hillside close to the former Olympian’s home, invading his private space with the telephoto lens by taking unwanted photos (and thus deeming their activity against the law). Last week, Jenner had a run-in with paparazzi who were camping out by his house to take photos. He promised he would call the police if they did it again, and low and behold, it did happen.

It’s not yet known if he’s going to pursue legal action, but if he does he could get a restraining order and sue.

Now, these unsanctioned photos have surfaced online after purportedly being shopped around. The New York Daily News published six blurry photos of someone (allegedly Jenner) wearing a striped dress and smoking a cigarette outside of his private property as a “world exclusive.”

If these photos are real, this is the first time Jenner has been photographed dressed as a woman. However, it’s not the paparazzi’s right nor New York Daily News‘s privilege to expose Jenner’s lifestyle in his own safe, private space – it’s his decision and his alone to determine how he wants to share his “journey,” and when.

With his much-anticipated exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer just two days away from its premiere (April 24, 2015 on ABC at 9 p.m.), soon the story behind Jenner’s “journey,” in his own words, will be revealed. His most secret news has been much talked about in the news in recent months, and even his ex-wife and Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner is reportedly still coming to terms with the news.

According to TMZ sources, throughout their 25-year marriage, Bruce was never vulnerable with Kris about his alleged desire to transition to a woman. These sources closely connected to Kris reveal that 25 years ago, Bruce did tell Kris about “his feelings” but they only went as far as his “tendency” to dress as a woman, not to become a woman. Sources also say that “Kris insists the subject never came up again during their entire marriage,” and that “she never saw Bruce dressed as a woman during their entire relationship.”

Furthermore, Kris allegedly told TMZ’s sources that the subject of his gender transition never came up until after their divorce, and he even told his daughters before telling his ex-wife.

However, TMZ does note that in the past, other sources have said Kris was not as in the dark as she claims to be, and that she was aware Bruce was “conflicted about his gender.”

Regardless, “Kris might take legal action against Bruce if he speaks negatively about her are untrue,” the gossip site reports.