Martha Stewart Is Coming to ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ Sort Of

From Alex’s return to finally figuring out Vee’s fate, the upcoming season of Orange Is the New Black already has us excited enough, but it’s turning the dial up yet again with the latest news: Martha Stewart will be joining the ladies in orange.

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Okay, so Stewart herself won’t actually make an appearance, but rather a character inspired by the homemaker, series creator Jenji Kohan told Time at the Time 100 Gala earlier this week.

Kohan says she “took some liberties with the character,” turning her into a bad southern belle rather than a proper New Englander, like Stewart. The inclusion of this inmate makes sense considering Stewart was almost sent to Danbury — which inspired by the show’s Litchfield prison — following her insider-trading scandal in the early 2000s.

Kohan wouldn’t spill on any of the details about who will play the role, and we secretly hope they end up surprising us with Stewart herself, but it’s doubtful. The 73-year-old says she hasn’t ever seen the Netflix series.