This Song Was Apparently the Reason Why Ariana Grande and Big Sean Broke Up

Ariana's Dad Speaks
Ariana Grande's father calls out Big Sean.
Secret Lovers' Handshake
Ariana Grande and Big Sean have their own handshake.

Though Ariana Grande said she’s “good” with her break-up from Big Sean, word has it that the split was actually a pretty messy one.

According to TMZ, the straw that broke the camel’s back was when Big Sean released a track called “Stay Down,” which detailed his “million dollar chick” and Grande’s “billion dollar pussy” in the very explicit lyrics. Grande was allegedly “humiliated” by the song because she felt like “Sean was treating her like a piece of meat” and was embarrassed when her grandmother asked about the track.

At the time of the release, Big Sean told Rolling Stone that Grande was cool with the whole thing, saying, “I don’t have to run it by my girl, but she hears. I played her the whole album before it came out, so she heard everything.”

An insider close to the “Love Me Harder” songstress also told the publication that Grande was fed up with foot most of the couple’s bills. Though Sean’s camp claimed that it was the rapper who was paying for their expenses, the source said Grande was actually the one who paid for vacations and private flight.

The source added that the reason Grande skipped Sean’s House of Blues concert — the alleged catalyst behind the split — was because she put on vocal rest for her Grammys performance and “ordered her not to even speak for the rest of the day.”

The news of the secret riff comes just a day after an insider close to Sean claimed that Grande had use Justin Bieber to hurt the “I Don’t Fuck With You” emcee, insisting that the PDA-packed performance with the singer was staged to make Sean jealous.

Grande’s source said the couple had already called it quits before the stunt.