The Kardashians Will Watch Bruce Jenner’s Interview With Him, ‘Together as a Family’

Bruce Jenner’s much-anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer will air tonight, and there’s one question everyone’s been asking: Will the Kardashians and the Jenners tune in?

Bruce Jenner in a Bikini
Alleged Bruce Jenner bikini photos have surfaced.

Yes. Kim Kardashian confirmed the famous brood will be watching together, and they plan to watch with Bruce by their sides.

“We’re going to watch the special together as a family,” Kim revealed during the Variety Power of Women Luncheon on Friday. “And that’s pretty much all I’ll say about that today. I’ll let the special come out and speak for itself.”

An insider tells TMZ the Olympian plans to catch both the east and west coast feeds of the special so he can watch with both sides of his family — the Kardashians and the Jenners. As for which Kardashians will join, a source tells Us Weekly Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, Kylie, Kanye West and Scott Disick all plan to sit by Bruce’s side. It still remains unclear whether or not Kendall, Rob and Kris will also join the family’s viewing.

“The girls know how much attention this interview is already getting,” the source says, adding that it has been difficult for his teenage daughters. “Most family and friends feel the most compassion for Kylie and Kendall.”

However, it appears Kylie at least is completely supportive of her dad, taking to Instagram to share this throwback and acknowledge the interview with the hashtag “#love.”

Meanwhile, someone who wishes she didn’t have to watch the special? Wendy Williams.

If this wasn’t an obligation due to my career, I wouldn’t watch,” Williams says of the Sawyer interview. “I feel duped by Bruce.”

She explained that, at first, she felt compassion for the Olympian watching his wife and daughters boss him around on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but that has since changed.

“I don’t feel duped because he’s turning into a woman. I feel duped because he’s the same fame whore as the rest of the family. I’m pissed at Bruce because he’s supposed to be the rock and solid,” but she notes how, instead of helping his 17-year-old daughter Kylie make good decisions, he’s focused on his own transition.

“Bruce has bigger fish to fry than turning into Belinda,” Williams exclaims. “He should have thought about [transitioning] before he had all the kids… Belinda, shame on you!”

By the way, reports confirm that Bruce does not plan on using the name “Belinda.” He will reveal is female name for the first time during the special tonight.

Tune into Bruce’s interview with Diane Sawyer tonight on ABC at 9 PM.