Chrissy Teigen Gives the Perfect Reason Why She Stopped Photoshopping Her Selfies

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We already love that Chrissy Teigen had zero f*cks to give when she shared a photo of her stretch marks (or “stretchies” as she calls them) on Instagram, but her unnecessary explanation for posting the pic and ditching photoshop altogether makes her all the more bad ass.

Chrissy's Stretchies
Chrissy Teigen is perfect, stretch marks and all!

During an appearance on The Meredith Vieira Show on Thursday, she explained, “I actually am working on a cookbook and I was bumping around in the kitchen and the door handle would just nick me every single time. And I was actually just taking a picture of the bruises and then I saw the stretch marks in there.”

Bruises from bumping kitchen drawer handles for a week. Stretchies say hi!

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But instead of freaking out and covering up her beautiful, womanly body, she accepts it. “I have those apps, the Facetune and Photoshopping ones, and I just didn’t feel like doing it anymore—and I’m never doing it again, because I think we forgot what normal people look like now.”

Word. Not to mention, ain’t no body got time for all that editing (except for maybe the Kardashians)!

“I mean, people are nip-tucking [their pics],” Teigen continued. “It’s gotten to the point where they’re not smoothing their skin anymore, they are actually changing the shape of their body and everybody else. Nobody can compare to that when you’re fixing yourself so much. It’s so unfair.”

Chrissy for President!