Breaking Hair News: Hilary Duff Goes from Posy Pink to Gloomy Gray

Hilary Duff no longer has a mermaid blue ‘do nor a posy pink one. She’s gone and stripped out all the color and is now an ash gray.

Duff was spotted earlier this week sporting pink hair while filming her new music video for “Sparks.” For the past month and a half, Duff’s hair has varied between shades of bright turquoise and light blue-green.

Is she just in the middle of another color transition by going gray?! Are we to expect another fun, bright color in a couple days?!

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Duff joins some other celebs trying out gray hues in their locks, proving one can rock it at any age, such as Jordan Dunn (who showed off some gray tresses at Coachella), Marina Diamandis, Zosia Mamet, and of course Kylie Jenner, who likes to experiment with her eye color, hair color, and lips basically on the daily.

♡ My Husband Said It Was Him Or The Cat.. I Miss Him Sometimes ♡

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missing the grey

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Check out Hilary Duff’s new hair color in the gallery above.