Instant Follow Friday: Inside Vanessa Hudgens’ Life as a Broadway Star in ‘Gigi’ Revival

Vanessa Hudgens is moving on from her bubblegum pop roots and High School Musical reputation (nude photo scandal aside): she is one of Broadway’s finest now, with her titular role in the revival of Gigi and some serious singing chops as well.

This also means, for better or for worse, she’s no longer just known as a Coachella superwoman year after year.

The delightful 26-year-old is being praised for her role as a young Parisian courtesan-in-waiting, as she sips champagne, sings and dances on stage every night since the show’s official opening on April 8th and three weeks of prior previews. In honor of her current Broadway stint (and in a role once graced by Audrey Hepburn, no less), we’re taking a look at Hudgens’ life behind the curtain, aka her Instagram, for this week’s Instant Follow Friday.

The pop star, television and movie actress and now theater queen has even more big plans ahead of her as well. She’s slated to star as Rizzo in the forthcoming television version of Grease: Live, set to air on Fox in 2016 (opposite Julianne Hough as Sandy).

Hudgens expressed her passion for theater to the New York Times in a recent interview. “Doing [Gigi] has really changed my perspective and my work ethic. It just feels like there’s a massive shift happening,” she said. “Once again finding myself on the stage, as I did when I was a little girl, makes me go: ‘Oh my God, this is what I want. This is what I want to keep doing.’ “

Dubbed “a ‘Gigi’ tailored for the Instagram age” by the Times, Hudgens neither disappoints her young fan base garnered from years in pop, nor more serious (and, it goes without saying, older) theater buffs. Wondering where you can find tickets for her Broadway show at the Neil Simon Theater? See more information on tickets here.

Check out some highlights of Vanessa Hudgens’ time on Broadway thus far and more in the gallery above! You can take the girl out of Coachella, but you can’t take the Coachella out of the girl. And thank goodness because her fashion is always on point for any occasion whether it’s the desert or a day out and about.

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