Matt Lauer to Kim Kardashian: ‘Are You Self-Obsessed?’

Matt Lauer is asking Kim Kardashian the tough questions during their upcoming sit-down interview.

Lauer and Kardashian’s interview will air on The Today Show on Monday, (April 27, 2015). In the interview, Kardashian reportedly talks about everything from her family and her marriage to Kanye West, to her new book, Selfish.

During the interview, Lauer asks Kardashian, “If you take such a large percentage of pictures of yourself, it does open this whole line of questioning as to, ‘Are you self-obsessed? Are you an incredibly vain person and have you always been that way?'”

Kardashian responds, “I can understand how someone would say that you must be really vain if you’re taking selfies all day long or wanting photos of yourself.”

Lauer goes on to say, “It’s a big ego thing.” To which Kardashian replies, “It is. To me, it’s just really about capturing a memory. Is it a little ridiculous? Is it vain? Yes, but it’s fun and you get to capture all of these memories at the same time.”

In the book, Kardashian strips down in the selfies. “You’re naked a lot in here,” Lauer says.

“Not too naked,” according to Kardashian.

Watch the preview clip (via E!) below.

Kardashian also recently sat down with Lauer at the Time 100 event in New York City. CLICK HERE to watch the interview!