Kim Kardashian: The Family Is in Therapy and Really Supportive of Bruce Jenner

Kim Kardashian is voicing her support for Bruce Jenner following his brave and momentous 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer in which he came out as a woman.

In an upcoming interview the the Today Show’s Matt Lauer airing Monday (Apr. 27, 2015), Kardashian makes it clear that the family is 100% support of Jenner and his transition.

She also reveals that they’re going to family therapy.

“Did the support take time?” asks Lauer. “Was there an adjustment period for family members?”

Kardashian answered,

I think there is still an adjustment and there’s, you know, family therapy. And we’re really close. You know, I— I see reports that say, you know, ‘This one doesn’t support him,’ and, ‘This one’s over here,’ and my mom, ‘feels this way.’ And it’s all really so made up.

We all really support him. Is it a hard adjustment? Yes.

Jenner had mentioned during his interview that “Kimberly has been, by far, the most accepting, and the easiest to talk to about it,” and all thanks to Kanye West helping her come to terms with his transition.

The entire Kardashian and Jenner brood took to social media to show their love and support for Jenner the night his interview aired, as did a slew of celebrities after his interview, which was viewed by nearly 17 million people.

Yesterday (April 25, 2015), Kardashian was spotted driving away from Jenner’s Malibu mansion. See pics in the gallery above.

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Watch the teaser for Kim Kardashian’s interview on the Today Show in the video above.

(As noted in previous articles, for the interview, Jenner referred to himself using male pronouns, said he preferred the pronoun “he” and has not yet indicated that he’d like to be known by a female name or with female pronouns. Furthermore, Sawyer called him Bruce, so Celebuzz will use male pronouns and continue to refer to him as Bruce with that lead).