Colin Farrell: I Haven’t Dated in Four Years

Colin Talks Sex
Colin Farrell recalls "terrifying" sober sex and THAT infamous sex tape.

Here’s something for you singletons to feel a little better about your love life.

According to Colin Farrell, who was once linked to the likes of Britney Spears and Michelle Rodriguez, he hasn’t been able to find a date in almost half a decade. Speaking with The Sunday Times, the True Detective actor clears up rumors surrounding his love life, clarifying that there hasn’t really been a “special lady” in quite some time.

“I have not dated for, ooh, four years now. It’s just not happening, what with the work, the kids and my life,” he tells the publication. “I know it’s not what people expect to hear, but that’s the honest truth.”

According to the 38-year-old, he has put his bad boy days behind him since becoming a father. As a parent to sons James, 11, and Henry, 5, Farrell says he’d rather spend his time focusing on his boys than courting the eligible bachelorettes of Hollywood.

“It’s not all about you anymore, which is a relief,” Farrell explains. “It’s about a bigger world, and helping them find their place in it.”

He continues, “It’s not about ‘me, me, me the loudmouth’ anymore — and that takes the pressure off me to live up to those expectations.”

Previously, Farrell was “married” to actress Amelia Warner. However, it was later revealed that the ceremony in Tahiti was not legally binding and “just a thing [they] did on holiday.”