‘KUWTK’ Episode Recap: Kylie Jenner Receives a Marriage Proposal, Kourtney Kardashian Throws Out Scott Disick

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Kylie Jenner
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Keeping Up with the Kardashians “Special Delivery” was an episode to remember!

On this episode, Kris Jenner goes into panic mode after a hacker threatens to release a nude video of her. Meanwhile, as Kourtney Kardashian‘s due date approaches she kicks Scott Disick out of the house. Plus, Kylie Jenner gets a creepy marriage proposal!

Check out the five most shocking moments from the show below!

1.Kim Kardashian attends the party for her controversial nude Paper magazine cover in Miami. Before the event, Kim talks about the cover with her friend, Larsa Pippen. Kim says, “I feel like there was a lot of backlash too. Some people are like, ‘Aren’t you a mom?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah it doesn’t mean you shrivel up and die.'”

2. Kylie gets an unexpected delivery. 20 boxes of pizzas get delivered to Kris’ house. When Kris opens up one of the boxes, she sees it’s a marriage proposal to Kylie! Watch the video clip below:

3. Kourtney goes to the doctor and he tells her that the baby will be born about two weeks early. But, everyone in the family has plans to be out of town, Scott has plans to go to Las Vegas and Kholé and Kim are going to London, which makes Kourtney start to worry that no one will be with her in the delivery room. She tells Scott, “I don’t know if I can even rely on you to be there.” He replies, “Yeah because I wasn’t there the first two times?” Kourtney responds, “Well you’re going out of town, you have Vegas planned. Who knows what’s next week?” Even though he knows Kourtney is upset about his trip to Las Vegas, Scott goes anyway and gets drunk. After partying in Las Vegas, he goes back to Los Angeles and goes to Khloé’s house so he can see Rob, who is staying there. Scott says, “I just felt like I wanted to go hug my brother.” Then, even though Khloé tells him not to, he goes into the house.

4. Kris gets a shocking call. Kat, Kris’ executive assistant, calls to tell her that someone is threatening to release a naked video of her. Kat tells Kris, “So I just got word from our P.I., and I don’t want you to freak out, but whoever it is might’ve gotten a video of you from your closet camera. They said you were naked. When they hacked your iCloud, I think they were still able to access that camera that’s in your closet.” Kris asks Kat, “Did they say what was on the tape?” Kat tells Kris, “Just you changing in your closet. They told us that they’re asking for money in return for the video that they have.” Kris replies, “And they’re gonna release this footage? Can they do… like… that’s extortion!” In response, Kris decides to step up security. In her video commentary Kris says, “We all need to take our level of security and everything else around us to a whole new level.”

5. Kim and Khloé throw Kourtney a baby shower. After Scott’s Las Vegas trip, Kourtney doesn’t want him at the house, so he’s staying with Khloé. Kim and Khloé clear their schedules to throw Kourtney a baby shower. In her video commentary Khloé says, “So, Scott just like fell off the wagon and has also been really depressed, and when Scott is like this he’s not allowed at his house. So, he’s at my house. I know how to deal with Scott really well, so I don’t mind talking to him and just kind of I guess babying him. But, I feel horrible for Kourtney, we want to be by her side and at least we are there to support her in any way.”

In Kourtney’s video commentary, she says, “I don’t know what Scott’s doing and I really cannot depend on him right now.”

At the end of the episode, a message pops up on the screen that says, “Kourtney gave birth to Reign Aston Disick on December 14, 2014. Scott was by her side in the delivery room.”

On the next episode: The show picks up after Kourtney gives birth. In the clips from the upcoming episode, Scott appears to be drinking. In one scene, Khloé explains that Scott has gone missing.