The Bravest Moments in Bruce Jenner History

Brave’ is an adjective that is rightfully surrounding Bruce Jenner after the proud announcement of his transformative journey to becoming a female on 20/20 with Diane Sawyer.  It is a descriptive term used in discussions of soldiers, fighters, and heroes — all titles worthy of being bestowed upon our beloved Bruce even before coming public about the nature of his true identity.

For one, he has repeatedly shaken himself free from the marionette strings of pop culture’s female Gepetto, like the time that he refused to cut off his flowing mane.

“It’s Kris Jenner, not society.” -Khloe Kardashian

Or the time that he demanded that Kris Better Have His Money.

For he is the only soul who would dare to challenge America’s matriarch while suspended two-hundred feet in the air,

And question her fashion choices while indirectly insulting our good Lord and Savior, Kanye West.

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He has danced with the devil,

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And called a spade a spade,

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But truly pushed the limits of his power by tampering with her publicity pawns.

Who else would risk the life of the little heir to the Disick throne?


Or tamper with the appendages of the Prince himself?


What valor one must possess to break down Kylie Jenner’s social media Berlin Wall,


And consciously position himself in danger’s path between enemy fire.


He compromised the sanctity of premarital physical contact and survived, unscathed,


And never shied away from asking the questions kept veiled behind the pride of a simpleton’s mind.

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He values the influence of his persona to express otherwise silenced popular opinion.


He is familiar with fighting criticism on his public appearance whether it be within the family,


Or face-to-face with emperors of late night on live television for all to see.

Bruce Jenner, you are a noble and fearless leader to those who lack the courage of an Olympian,


Whose poignant story will teach us all what it means to truly be brave.