Mariah Carey: Nude and Bedazzled in Las Vegas

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Mariah Carey's New Single, 'Infinity'
Mariah Carey sings about breakup of marriage.

If you every had any doubts about Mariah Carey knowing how to make a grand entrance, she squashed them when she arrived at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

“No matter what, we’re going to make it into a festive moment darling. It’s an extravaganza,” she said Monday evening, backstage at The Colosseum.

The chart-topping singer, wearing a see-through bejeweled outfit, arrived at Caesars Palace to a throng of cheering screams at Caesars Palace’s entrance in a classic 1936 pink convertible trailing behind 18 mobile billboards bearing the titles of her number one hits including “Always be my baby” from 1996 and “Heartbreaker” from 1999.

The gladiator-clad men took it from there, carrying Carey through the casino on a platform fit for Cleopatra.

“Everyone in Vegas, there’s a new girl in town,” she told the crowd.

Called Mariah #1 to Infinity, the show is timed with the debut of Carey’s newest breakup single and music video dubbed “Infinity,” she will play shows starting May 6 with performances through July.

Carey sang along to the new song on a stage inside, at one point filming herself and the crowd with an iPhone.

“I can’t wait to sing all the hits for you guys,” she told the crowd.

Tickets for Carey’s show are priced from $55 to $250.