Move Over ‘Magic Mike,’ There’s a New Male Stripper Movie Coming to Box Offices This Summer

Sometimes the universe aligns in Hollywood and blesses us with not one, but two male stripper movies in one summer!

 Joe Manganiello in 'XXL'
Joe Manganiello's shirtless "Magic Mike XXL" poster.

Yes, Magic Mike XXL has some competition this summer, making way for what’s bound to be another popular film for thirsty men and women everywhere: Chocolate City.

The new stripper-based movie promises “magic” and even riffs a bit off of  Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike plot, but let’s be honest here: we can never really have too many movies about male strippers, right? All the body rolling, hip thrusting and booty shaking doesn’t get old in our eyes!

Not to mention, the cast includes Tyson Beckford, Ginuwine, Robert Ri’Chard and even a cameo by Carmen Electra.

With that being said, enjoy the trailer for Chocolate City above.