Blake Lively Left the Hospital with Baby James Thinking: ‘I Have No Idea What I Am Doing’

Blake Lively is opening up about motherhood.

The gorgeous 27-year-old actress just revealed how she felt when she left the hospital with baby James.

Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds welcomed their first child in Dec. 2014. The actress spent the last four months bonding with her daughter, and now she’s back in the spotlight with her new film, The Age of Adaline.

During and interview with Stylist, Lively opened up about becoming a mother. When asked what surprised her the most about motherhood, Lively recalled the day she left the hospital with baby James. “Just realising that it is all going to be OK.” Lively revealed. “I remember leaving the hospital thinking: ‘I have no idea what I am doing. I have a life in my hands and I’m not equipped to do this, because I don’t have the knowledge I need to take care of the most precious, fragile thing in the world.’ It felt like being a passenger on a plane and being told: ‘By the way, now you are going to be piloting the plane.’ But then you take her home and you figure it out. Sometimes you don’t figure it out and even that is a whole new experience.”

Lively even revealed that she gets help from her parents while she works. She explained, “It is tough because when you are looking at your child and she’s laughing, it’s hard to do anything else. And it means making people wait while you feed your baby. That sucks, because everyone thinks you are just being a diva. My parents [Ernie and Elain] are pretty much the nannies. They raised five kids, so they know what they are doing. They haven’t moved in, but they visit for long periods of time and then they’ll go away and make us beg them to come back [laughs].”

While her movie deals with a woman who doesn’t age, Lively is actually looking forward to getting older. “Right now I am really looking forward to getting older,” she revealed. “The older I’ve got, the more enriched my life has become, from a great childhood with my family, to moving to New York, getting married and having a baby. But ask me in 10 years when I get my crow’s feet… or maybe two years, oh my god! [Laughs]. I have learned that until you experience something, it’s hard to get on your soapbox and talk about it.”

Lively is known for her love of cooking. So, what does she like to cook for her family? “For something special I love going to Mario Batali’s market, Eataly in New York,” Lively revealed. “You find the best produce there: homemade pasta, creamy truffle concoctions and hand-stuffed ravioli. I love getting fresh meat, vegetables and pasta and making a buffet out of it all at home. But I’ll also do those ‘MacGyver meals’ using anything I have in the fridge, like a cheese pasta and vegetables.”

While Lively has accomplished a lot in her life and her career, what is one thing she would still like to achieve? Lively revealed, “I have a dream to go to Harvard Business School and one of these days I will do that… in my spare time!”

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