Nicki Minaj Is on Fleek Even If Her Whale Tail (i.e. Her Turquoise Thong) Peeks Out

Nicki Minaj’s Canadian tuxedo wasn’t the only thing on display while she was out and about in Los Angeles yesterday! Her panties made an appearance too.

On fleek as always, the (probably) newly-engaged rapper stepped out in a denim jacket, denim jeans and a grey hoodie.

Oh yeah, and a turquoise colored thong, but it really doesn’t matter.

Minaj, 32, recently shared a snap of her alleged huge diamond rock from her alleged fiancé Meek Mill and is also seemingly catering to a younger fan as of last since she appeared at a 13-year-old millionaire’s bar mitzvah (well, okay, his father is the multi-millionaire).

Whatever she’s up to, the Queen is on fire right now.


Even if she has one or two wardrobe malfunctions.