Some People Are Saying Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards Are Already Married

Brace yourselves: some people are saying Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are married.

The couple have been engaged since August 2013, and many fans have pointed their finger at the Little Mix singer for being the reason why Malik left One Direction last month.

MTV UK (amongst some others) are writing that Zerrie got married on or around April 17, 2015 and claim they have the evidence supporting it.

After the 22-year-old quit 1D, he and Edwards, 21, swiftly jetted off to the South of France together in the beginning of April.

However, on April 17, 2015, Malik also made an appearance at the Asian Awards with his mother wearing a ring on that particular ring finger (see gallery), meaning they would have been at his wedding and the awards on the same day.

Did they make it official? Or does Malik just have a thing for diamond rings? (The latter is highly probable; he’s a rock star, after all).

Well, MTV UK further stipulates that, according to Heat magazine, one of Edwards’ BFF’s named Cara Swan reportedly had written a Facebook status wishing Malik and his former 1D bandmates Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne a “good few days on the stag!” on April 12, 2015.

They also claim Horan posted a pic of shots, entitled “Tequila anyone?!” tagged with Tomlinson, Payne and Malik.

As for the bride-to-be’s hen party, her BFF Swan allegedly posted “Time for your surprise Perrie Edwards,” with a comment from Edwards, “I’m freaking out!”

One outlet reports that Swan then tagged Edwards and Payne’s girlfriend Sophia Smith in a post on April 13th, writing: “Just checking in at Heathrow. Italy we are coming for ya!”

Additionally, on the alleged actual wedding date – April 17th – Swan tagged Edwards on Facebook writing: “Couldn’t have been more proud of my number one girl Perrie Edwards today… congratulations and thank you for blessing me with my role today [ring emoji] long long endless love for you. P.S You’re actually my wife and married to meeeee.”

The post reportedly had likes from Edwards, Malik and Horan.

The next day, Swan allegedly posted a status update about her hangover (naturally, weddings leave you with one): “You know you went to a good wedding when your hangover finally goes at 10pm the next day.”

However, before you jump to conclusions, consider this: Malik’s mother told Yahoo press on the red carpet at the Asian Awards that she was “very excited” about their nuptials, as in it had not yet happened.

While the details of this marriage are surely and incredibly speculative (there’s no photo evidence, we’re not too sure how trusted the sources are, et ceterea), the fact that Malik does have bling on his ring finger could mean he’s officially off the market and a married man.

And Tomlinson did post this photo of himself with friends in a tuxedo on the 17th (very wedding-like):

Check out Malik’s sparkly ring in the gallery above.

Other than the veracity of this story, what we’re really wondering is why Harry Styles wasn’t part of any of this!

For the record, Malik has posted a special ring pic before. Here’s his engagement band: