WATCH: Chris Evans Scares Scarlett Johansson on ‘Ellen’

10 Times Scarlett Johansson Took Everyone's Breath Away
Scarlett Johansson is beyond beautiful, inside and out.

Chris Evans scares the bejesus out of Scarlet Johansson on Ellen — and it’s hilariously adorable.  

The Avengers: Age of Ultron stars will appear on today’s (Apr. 30, 2015) episode, where Johansson opens up about being a mom and reveals what is was like to work on the film while pregnant with her first child. She’s a supermom. Actually.

The 30-year-old even lets us in on what it’s like to work on set with just men. She says she now has Elizabeth Olsen and Cobie Smulders, which is “helpful,” but still… that’s a whole lot of men.

I surround myself with like an army of women to kind of protect myself against all the testosterone. I mean we’re talking about actors I mean ya know.

They’re very delicate.

I mean like [Chris] Hemsworth’s hair takes much longer than mine.

Ellen DeGeneres then asks Johansson questions about Evans, whom she says she knows “very well. Too well, I’m sure.” Not well enough because Evans (when he still had a beard) literally scares the hell out of her. (Just watch).