Courtney Stodden Doesn’t Want to Release Her Sex Tape After All

Courtney Flashes Her Boob
Courtney Stodden suffers a wardrobe malfunction.


Though she’s been offered $1 million for her masturbation “sex tape,” Courtney Stodden isn’t taking the bait.

Amid reports that the infamous teen bride is shopping around a homemade video of herself getting her rocks off, the 20-year-old has taken to Twitter to clear the air about rumor surrounding the “unique” solo video. According to Stodden, she does not intend to sell the self-diddling clip to anyone.

Hmm, this sounds like something we’ve heard this before from someone whose “sex tape” was also “leaked” and then sold for a buttload of cash.

Vivid Entertainment‘s founder and the man who made Farrah Abraham into an adult industry star, Steven Hirsch, recently offered Stodden $1 million for the NSFW video. The offer letter also hinted at the prospect of bonuses if the tape does well in sales.

In 2013, Stodden confirmed to Celebuzz that she made a sex tape but had no plans of selling it.

There is that saying ‘never say never,'” told us, but said she had “zero” intentions of making it public. “I will always be honest with the public, and since I happen to have an XXX video I wanted to tell the truth … but it is private.”

“I wouldn’t say that I would ever go down the same route as anyone,” she added, referring to Abraham’s own porn. “We are all on our own unique journey. Only God knows what the future holds.”

So if you do want to see that sex tape, you better start praying.