Friday Fashion Flashback: Hilary Duff’s Style Transformation

Hilary Duff has been everywhere lately — on TV, on the radio, on Tinder — and no matter where she goes or what she’s doing, she always manages to look HOT.

Hilary Duff's Pink Hair
Bye bye, mermaid blue... Hello, posy pink!

From crazy-colored “mermaid” hair to chic boyfriend jeans and edgy leather jackets, the 27-year-old is definitely someone to look up to in the style department. But has it always been that way?

Well, sort of. Though we might look back on photos of her from the early 2000s and think WTF? (yes, we’re talking about a certain pair of red, leather Von Dutch pants) you have to remember, things were different back then, and Lizzie McGuire was totally your fashion muse.

However, we can admit, anyone who’s grown up in the spotlight is destined to have some bad days — like that one time she wore a mismatched floral getup to the Kids Choice Awards in 2004 or that unimpressive lady bug-inspired frock in 2007.

With that being said, the former Disney princess has totally transformed throughout her years and evolved into one super trendy, hot mama — we can only assume those bad days turned into lessons for Duff.

Launch the gallery above to see her full style transformation over the years!