Idina Menzel Finds Your Elsa From ‘Frozen’ Comparisons ‘Insulting’

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Idina Menzel is totally cool being called Adele Dazeem, but don’t you dare say she dyed her hair blonde because of her Frozen character.

While speaking with Good Day LA, the Broadway star explained that her new ‘do has nothing to do with Queen Elsa. In fact, she said it’s “insulting” that people would think she lightened her locks because of the popular Disney movie.

“They say I did it because I was inspired by my Elsa character, which I found very insulting,” Menzel said. “That I would wake up one day and want to be blond, so I could look like an animated character.”

She continued, “I just never, ever do anything with my hair and I finished my Broadway show. Eight shows a week, same thing.”

Later on in the segment, the 43-year-old made a crack at the blonde comparisons again. When a video of Elsa came onto the screen, Menzel sarcastically remarked, “I look just like her! Oh Elsa, thank you so much. We’re exactly the same aren’t we? Those skinny balletic arms and that tiny waist.”

Maybe it’s time we all let it go then.