Instant Follow Friday: Rebel Wilson Is a Kick Ass, Crazy Funny Bella with an Amazing Name

Whether you know her from her now-infamous role in Bridesmaids (2011) as the roommate from hell or the charismatic, sassy comedienne of the Barden Bellas in Pitch Perfect (2012), it’s evident that Rebel Wilson a) has the greatest name in Hollywood and b) is a hilarious scene-stealer with a brilliant sense of humor.

In honor of Pitch Perfect 2′s release next Friday (May 15, 2015), this week’s Instant Follow Friday is dedicated to Wilson in all her glory because we love her. End of story.

Although the 29-year-old comedy Queen has been on Instagram only since October of 2014, Wilson’s Twitter provides a much-needed magical escape into her candid presence on social media. And  she is one cool chick we’d like to befriend if we ever got the chance to.

Let’s take a moment to remember her appearance at the MTV Movie Awards, when she was more Victoria’s Angel than anyone of the actual Angels wearing a huge pair of wings, a bedazzled black bra and leggings with the word “think” on the derriere. You know, to get girls to “think.” That’s inspirational, y’all.


If the trailer from Pitch Perfect 2 is any indication, Wilson as Fat Amy, her quick wit and stunning voice will not disappoint. After all, the so-called “Muffgate” incident that occurs in the trailer has got to be the worst onstage wardrobe malfunction in…well, ever.

Pitch Perfect 2 (directed by and co-starring Elizabeth Banks) sees the Barden Bellas (Wilson, Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Hailee Steinfeld, Anna Camp, and others) try to recover from their embarrassing “Muffgate,” which occurred in front of the President, by winning the World Competition for acapella. We have faith that Fat Amy and the team will lead the Bellas to victory, and if not victory, then at least many moments of laughter, and perhaps heartwarming tears over their strong female friendship.

The Australian-born actress is currently on a press tour for Pitch Perfect 2, hyping up acapella groupies and your average millennial alike in #BellaFierce fashion. Check out Wilson on Instagram @rebelwilson for all her moments around the globe, and on Twitter @rebelwilson.

See some of her best moments on Twitter below:

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