Joan Rivers’ Death Was ‘100 Percent Preventable,’ According to Daughter Melissa

Melissa Talks Joan Snub
Here's how Melissa Joans responded to her mothers' Oscars In Memorium snub.

Some eight months after the sudden passing of Joan Rivers, daughter Melissa has some strong words about the tragedy and recalls the moment she saw the comic legend in the hospital.

“I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing… it becomes very surreal,” Melissa says in a Today Show interview airing Monday.

“I’d gotten e-mails on the plane, that she was already in a medically induced coma and they were dropping her body temperature, which I knew was bad because that is the protocol for catastrophic brain injury.”

Joan died on Sept. 4, 2014 at the age of 81 after suffering complications from a minor throat procedure at a Manhattan clinic. The New York City Medical Examiner’s Office later concluded that her brain was damaged by a lack of oxygen. Melissa has since filed a lawsuit against Yorkville Endoscopy.

“In my opinion, it was 100 percent preventable,” Melissa says in the Today Show sit-down with Matt Lauer.

The 47-year-old adds that the clinic could’ve paid more attention to her mother’s vitals.

“How about having a properly equipped crash cart?”

Earlier this week, Melissa described in detail to PEOPLE about the precious seconds she spent with Joan after the ventilator was turned off.

“I believe she knew I was there. I was grateful to have had those few days to be able to let go a little bit,” according to Melissa. “I tried to make the transition as peaceful and beautiful as she would want it to be.”

Melissa’s new book, The Book of Joan: Tales of Mirth, Mischief, and Manipulation, comes out May 5.