We Played with Microsoft’s ‘How-Old’ Website Using Celebrities, and They Really Are Ageless

The latest website to go viral on social media is Microsoft’s How-old.net website, which will guess your age according to the photo you upload. We know what you’re thinking…”just what we needed – a computer to tell us how old we look…” but we checked out how a bunch of our celebrity crushes (and then some) fared, and it’s pretty astounding.

Hopefully when you check with your own photo, it gets your age spot on (or younger!). But if not, don’t fret. Even the celebrities are getting hit with older ages.

From the effortlessly beautiful (Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson) to the effortlessly ageless (Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez), to the dashing and handsome (Ryan Gosling, Justin Theroux), to the realm of pop (Justin Bieber, Jessie J) and reality stars (Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner), check out who looks younger or older in the gallery above.

For example, how amazingly ***Flawless is J. Lo after all these years?!


Check out the gallery above!