Zac Efron Isn’t a Comedy Star, Says Sony Exec in Leaked Emails

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Apparently, no amount of skin could save Zac Efron and his upcoming comedy, Dirty Grandpa.

In a new batch of hacked emails recently released by Wikileaks, Sony executives, including former Sony Co-Chairwoman Amy Pascal, don’t think the actor has what it takes to be the funnyman lead in a feature film.

An email exchange last September, employees like Creative Executive Adam North and Columbia Pictures’ VP of Programming Lauren Abrahams slammed the movie script and wondered how Efron could possibly draw in the crowds.

I think guys in my generation don’t really look to Zac Efron as a comedy star,” North wrote, explaining that the highly successful Neighbors “still felt very much like Seth [Rogen] and Rose Byrne’s movie.”

He continued, “I wanted to like it but couldn’t.”

I think the script is lousy,” Abrahams penned in another email, adding that Efron is “best when he is the straight-ish guy tossed into funny, absurdist situations.”

Pascal also added in the exchange, “Couldn’t agree more.”

Dirty Grandpa, which also stars Robert De Niro and Julianne Hough, is being filmed in Tybee Island, Ga. Efron, 27, has been making headlines with his nearly-nude paparazzi photos from the set.

Lionsgate is currently the film’s distributor.

Hey, at least Efron hasn’t fallen into the Rita “Do U Know Her?” Ora celebrity status yet.