Zayn Malik Removes ‘1D’ from His Twitter Handle

Zayn Malik Breaks His Silence
The singer gives his first interview since leaving One Direction.

Break out the tissues and join us as we mourn the loss of two little characters.

Zayn Malik is officially not in One Direction anymore — just look at his Twitter. Fans — who were still hopeful that Malik, 22, would have a change of heart and return to the boy band — got their hearts broken after the singer removed “1D” from his handle.

Yesterday (Apr. 30, 2015), he [email protected], but today, he’s [email protected]

Malik even removed references to the group from his Twitter bio, which included a link to One Direction’s website.

Zayn Malik Removes 1D from Twitter

But that wasn’t all. The singer also tweeted out a cryptic message.

The hashtag #YouWillAlwaysBeZaynMalik1D has been trending all night, and fans have been tweeting out their feelings.

Next thing we need to watch out for is Louis Tomlinson’s bio that still says “1/5 of One Direction,” which will probably edited very soon too.