Don’t Worry Everyone: Kendall Jenner’s Vandalized Calvin Klein Billboard Has Been Restored

Kendall Jenner’s looming Calvin Klein SoHo, NY billboard is graffitied no longer. Just a couple days after the incident occurred by a tech-savvy graffiti artist and it’s already been replaced.

The 19-year-old’s six story tall billboard at the intersection of Houston St. and Lafayette St. was the victim of a red spray-painted scrawl via a hacked drone by a well-known tagger, vandal and graffiti artist named Katsu. 


It was even captured on video, as we reported earlier this week.

The vandalized billboard didn’t last long, however. Jenner posted this photo of her new billboard to Instagram:

About the stunt, Katsu told Wired: “It turned out surprisingly well. It’s exciting to see its first potential use as a device for vandalism,” he cheerfully added.

Indeed, the graffiti drone is quite an ingenious, albeit illegal, piece of equipment.