Khloe Kardashian to Scott Disick: Kourtney ‘Will Have You Arrested if You Go Home’

Scott Disick went missing on last night’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Last night’s “Buggy Boo” episode showed Scott getting way out of control after his girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian, gives birth to their third child. Kourtney’s sister, Khloé Kardashian, turns to Bruce Jenner to see if he can help him get back on track.

Check out the top five most shocking moments you missed below!

1. Scott starts morning drinking. After a wild night of drinking, Khloé and her friend Khadijah Haqq find Scott drinking at 11 a.m. at Khloé’s house. Khloé asks Scott, “What’s your plan for the day?” To which he responds, “Trying to go clubbin.” Khadijah then tells Scott, “I need to remind you that it is 11 a.m. not p.m., no clubs are open. But I do suggest like a shower.”

Scott then tells the girls, “I’ll go home right now.” But, Kourtney kicked him out of the house on the last episode because he was drinking. So, Khloé reminds him, “You’re not allowed there.” She also tells Scott that Kourtney “wants to call the police on you” and “she wanted me to call the police on you.” Scott asks, “So I can’t go home?” To which Khloe replies, “No you can’t, she will have you arrested if you go home.”

Khloé then calls Kourtney and tells her what’s going on, and Scott walks in the room. He then asks Kourtney, “Can I come home?” To which she replies, “You’re not allowed to come here in that state of mind.”

2. Kim Kardashian gets a call about Scott. One of Scott’s friends, David Grutman, calls Kim to tell her that Scott’s in Aspen, CO. David reveals, “So I told him I was coming here, he said he was coming here, and it’s been four days now, right? This is not one of those situations where, ‘Oh sh** I got f**cked up, and then I, uh, I sobered up and I realized I got f**cked up and okay, I’m cool now for a week.’ You know what I mean? He needs help. He needs help.”

Both Khloé and Kris Jenner were listening to Kim’s phone call with David. Kris asks, “So he just up and went to Aspen?” Khloé tells her, “He ended up not even telling Kourtney he left. She just texts me, she goes, ‘I’m not sure what to do, he’s flying home tonight from Aspen. He basically said he knows he can’t be a good partner.'”

3. Scott returns from Aspen. Scott has a talk with Kim and Khloé after his wild weekend in Aspen. Kim tells him, “I would just die if I were Kourt, just because for the fact that you have a little baby.” Khloé asks him, “How did she react when you came home? Were you on punishment?” Scott reveals, “It’s super bizarre to me that she’s even speaking to me, to be quite honest. I just think at this point she’s just feeling bad for me and herself, and I feel bad for everybody too. Obviously this is not what I wanted to be doing with my life, but everything’s taken a turn.”

Kim then tells Scott, “But you have such a good life. You have three of the most beautiful kids in the world.” To which Scott replies, “I get it, everything sounds perfect, it just doesn’t feel good inside. It’s just hard and it’s a struggle, and you know, obviously I can’t blame it on my parents forever. Either I need to make a life for myself or, you know.. I have a family and all of these things. I can’t just be like ‘oh my parents died, I hate my life’ like it’s ridiculous. It’s f**cking hard though.”

4. Khloé, Bruce and Scott go to Pismo Beach, Calif. to ride dune buggies. After riding, the trio grab dinner and Bruce talks to Scott about parenting.

Bruce tells Scott, “Auntie Khloe is great, but it’s important that their dad’s around. The other day, when we were over at the house, we kept looking for you, and you were like, gone. I go, ‘Where the hell did Scott go?’ Kourtney didn’t even know, but I guess you had left. Do you do that a lot? Just vacate the premises?” Scott replies, “I try to, yeah.” Bruce then asks Scott, “You have this great urge to get out of the house?” Scott then tells him, “Yeah I always have an urge to get out of the house.”

Listen to what Bruce told Scott in this clip:

5. Scott comes home. Scott wanted to get home to his family after having the talk with Bruce. So, he and Khloé drove home from Pismo Beach after they finished eating. When he walks into the kitchen in the morning, Kourtney is definitely surprised to see Scott. Kourtney says to Scott, “I thought you were staying longer?” Scott then says, “You know how Bruce is, he was telling me that I need to be home more, and I did realize that, ‘Why am I gonna waste time, spending the night in the middle of Pismo Beach with Bruce, when I could be home with you and the kids?’ So I was like, ‘Forget it I’ll just drive home now, than stay another day and waste time.'”

In Kourtney’s video commentary she says, “It’s really hard because Scott goes through super high highs and then really low lows, and you know, I don’t always know what to do. But, I know that I don’t want to leave somebody when they’re at their lowest. It’s always gonna be a constant struggle, no relationship is perfect. But, Scott is a great father to our kids and I’m going to be here to support him during this struggle.”

At the end of the scene, Kourtney says “welcome home” to Scott and they kiss.

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