Kylie Jenner Uses Cell Phone While Driving, Again

Kylie Jenner is using her cell phone while driving, again. You would think Bruce Jenner’s fatal car accident might’ve taught her a lesson…

Over the weekend, Kylie incriminated herself by posting the photo below to Snapchat and Instagram:

She clearly wasn’t thinking because this photo clearly shows her driving on the highway, while using her phone to take the photo. Using your cell phone while driving is illegal in the state of California. Also, the caption on the photo? Yikes!

Not only does this photo come just three months after her dad was involved in a car accident, but it comes three days after he was hit with a wrongful death lawsuit.

This isn’t the first time Kylie has come under fire for using her cell phone while driving. Back in March, one month after Bruce’s accident, Kylie was photographed on her cell phone while driving with a friend.

Kylie also has a history of car accidents under her belt (see HERE and HERE), so this just seems crazy. Please Kylie, put the cell phone down.