Madonna Calls Drake a Girl, Advises Against Kissing Him

Drake Responds
Drake explains his disgusted reaction to Madonna kiss.

Were Madonna to re-record her 1990 single “Justify My Love” for more modern times, it is unlikely she would dedicate it to Drake and change the opening line to “I want to kiss you at Coachella.”

From her bathroom (which, naturally, is decorated with Rebel Heart pillows), Madonna answered fan questions for Saturday Night Online With Romeo. During the Q&A, Madge touched on topics ranging from working with Britney Spears to her eternal career to eating pizza. She also took Drake out back to the Shade Shed. Twice.

See, you may recall that Madonna made out with Drake onstage at Coachella. This incident became somewhat of an ordeal, with most people decrying the kiss as unnecessary and gross. Whatever your thoughts on the Madonna-Drake kiss, the fact of the matter is that the criticism carried with it ageist undertones, and Madonna is not down with any of that. Perhaps tired of the criticism, Madonna used her bathroom Q&A to take a big dump all over Drake (whose reaction to the kiss prompted most of the commentary).

Initially, she was asked directly about the kiss and used an infamous Katy Perry lyric to do the heavy lifting, shade-wise:

Madonna then brought the kiss up herself in answer to a later question. The takeaway? Don’t kiss Drake:

This basically confirms that Madonna is the queen of shading while sipping. Watch the entire Q&A below.

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