Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Are Just as Boring as Us

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris may be one of the most talked about celebrity couples right now, but their relationship is just as boring as any of us common people.

Calvin Harris Bonds with Taylor Swift's Cats
Calvin Harris took his relationship with Taylor Swift to the next level...

Since the 25-year-old singer is getting ready to kick-off her six-month long 1989 world tour in Tokyo tomorrow, she’s been making sure to get in the extra hours with her new beau, which includes eating and hanging out at home.

“Before Taylor started her tour, she and Calvin spent as much time as possible together,” a source tells People magazine. “They seem to be on the same page. They are very low-key and stay at home a lot. They mostly hang out with friends.”

The excitement is real, guys.

So what are some of their favorite things to do while at home? Other than hanging out with T. Swift’s cats Olivia and Meredith — who Harris recently had the pleasure of meeting — the source says, “They cook at home or order in. They seem to have a great time together.”

Of course, part of the whole “low-key” thing is to avoid unwanted media attention, which Swift has chalked up to her previously failed relationships.

In an interview with Glamour UK she admits that, while lots of outlets claimed she was “too clingy” and “scared” many of her boyfriends away, the real reason for her breakups was the media. Hopefully her and Harris’ at-home approach will help!

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