5 Unlikely Celebrity Comebacks to Commemorate Cinco de Mayo

It’s Cinco de Mayo, the tequila-infused holiday that most Americans misconstrue for the Mexican Fourth of July.

Lo siento mis amigos, but Mexico’s Independence Day is September 16th. Today we honor the underdogs.

Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of the Mexican victory over Napoleon III’s army at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. The well-equipped French force was double the size of Mexico’s army and had gone undefeated for 50 years.

That said, there was much to celebrate when the Mexican soldiers came out on top.

Pour yourself a marg, rub salt all around that rim (rim, rim) to raise a toast in tribute to the little-army-that-could with these five unlikely victories from the ongoing Battle of Hollyweird.

1. John Legend Transforming From Super Nerd to Super Model Suitor

20 years ago in Springfield, Ohio. Oh man. Thanks @iheartradio. #TBT

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2. Michelle Williams “Soldier”-ing On For Time Magazine After Her Epic Fall During Destiny’s Child’s Performance on 106th & Park


3. Missy Elliot Causing Grown Men to ‘Lose Control’ at the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show

4. Lance Bass Soaring from Failed Astronaut to Host of His Own Radio Show


And the most inspiring triumph in U.S. history,

5. Britney Spears Doing Anything After 2007:


¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!