WATCH: 5-Year-Old Helps Dad with Cutest Mountaintop Proposal Ever

Photobooth Proposal FTW
So sweet, your teeth will hurt.

Five-year-olds have been on a viral roll lately.

The latest kid to make your day is Kristian, who recently joined his dad on a proposal challenge. Father dearest wanted to ask his girlfriend to marry him on top of a mountain, with some pancakes and sunshine. Kristian played the important part of “Cute Kid with a Ring.”

A few things:

  • Has anyone played One Night: Ultimate Werewolf and is it at all related to Werewolves?
  • What in the world is in those ginormous pancakes?
  • What else has this adorable kid gotten away with? (Because clearly, it’s very hard to say no to little Kristian).

Watch it all go down, above.

[h/t Time]