The Met Gala’s Periscope Peanut Gallery Commentary Was More Entertaining Than the Live-Stream Itself

The only thing louder than high fashion at the Met Gala were spectators on social media.

Red carpet arrivals at the 2015 Met Gala were covered on every micro platform in existence. The Cut, New York Magazine’s fashion blog, was among the handful of social media-lites to capture Anna Wintour’s cool kid prom via Periscope, Twitter’s revolutionary live-streaming service.

Only publicly christened in March at SXSW, the app is still in its nascent phases and has a long way to go where video quality is concerned. For instance, Rihanna’s gown resembled an amoeba beneath a high school lab microscope while Solange’s fan dress could have easily been confused for a low-coasting kite.

Fortunately for viewers at home, the live chat forum was alive and well to compensate for the deficit in actual visual coverage.

They expressed rational concerns about Kim Kardashian’s ensemble discretion following last year’s unfortunate floral sofa flub:


And hinted that Mr. Kimye might have been in a mood after seeing this comment about his wife as he live-streamed it while en route to the red carpet:


They revealed latent Freudian thoughts about Kris Jenner:


Sparked philosophical discussion:


And brought forth the question about 50 Cent that we have all been whispering since 2005:


Gurus of font calligraphy voiced criticism on Western interpretation of Eastern aesthetics:


While Mean Girls fans demanded that Gretchen Weiners bring her silver hoops to the Met upon Amanda Seyfried’s stunning arrival:


But somewhere along the way, things started to get a little too real.

False “In Memoriam” headlines were drafted for Selena Gomez in response to one viewer’s poor choice in words:


Entrepre-nerds spammed the feed with the most shameless self-promotion:


While others hated on Katie Couric for her soccer mom enthusiasm in learning about Periscope and visceral sadness after ‘friends’ John Legend and Chrissy Teigen passed by without saying hello:


There was hair-pulling:


And unnecessary shushing:


I mean, come ON you guys. Is Justin Bieber really that important?


For just one night, in the name of cultural philanthropy, couldn’t we all (virtually) get along?