Met Gala 2015: Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Katy Perry Pose for Photo Together, Bring Peace to the World at Last

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Many important things (hats, butts, omelettes) happened last night (May 4) at the Met Gala in New York, but none were more important than a photo of Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Katy Perry embracing for a glorious, game-changing photograph of pop perfection.

You read that correctly. These three feuding pop queens (who were never really feuding, so thanks media [and Obamacare]) have, with a single photo, shown the world that love and kindness and togetherness are all that matter and that your fan wars are so 2,000 and late (much like that reference).

Madonna’s beef with Gaga? OVER! Gaga’s beef with Perry? DONE! Little Monsters vs. Katycats vs. Madonna fans (they really don’t have a cute nickname)? FINISHED!

Perry shared the photo to Twitter with the hashtag #breaktheinternet2k15. Mission accomplished.

She also shared the photo to Instagram and “announced” that these three queens were releasing a collaborative single tomorrow (today). That was, sadly, a cruel joke. Or was it… (Let it be real!)

The photo also popped up on Madonna’s Instagram account. We’re not entirely sure what the caption means — is she kissing Gaga’s ring or vice versa? — though perhaps the collaborative single that doesn’t actually exist but maybe really does exist is called “Kissing the Ring”?

Girls night out………. Kissing the Ring……..Finally! #metball

A photo posted by Madonna (@madonna) on

Gaga also shared the already-iconic photo to her Instagram account, proving there’s nothing but love between these heartbreakers.

Alexander Wang, with whom Gaga attended, shared a another photo of Gaga and Madonna together last night. Control yourselves, fans:

And that, dear readers, is how the world came to know peace after the long and brutal years of the Pop Wars. Have a #blessed day.