College Tells Tyga Not to Bring Underage Kylie Jenner to Concert, He Brings Her Anyway

Tyga was told not to bring his underage girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, to his show at Cal State Fullerton this past weekend. But, Tyga decided to do it anyway…

On Saturday (May 2, 2015), 25-year-old Tyga had a performance at the school. According to TMZ, there was an 18 & up age limit for the show, which meant his 17-year-old girlfriend wasn’t allowed. The school even reportedly told Tyga not to bring Jenner, but he didn’t listen.

Jenner went to the show, and organizers decided to let it go because they didn’t want Tyga to cancel.

Here’s a photo of Jenner at the show:

Things appear to be getting serious between Tyga and Jenner. He recently got a tattoo that says “Kylie” on his arm.

In case you were wondering, Jenner turns 18 in August. Start the countdown!