‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules Returns to Crops and Fiancé After Elimination from ‘Dancing With the Stars’

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It looks like Chris Soules is ready to sow a bountiful life of fertilizer with his fertility nurse fiancé after being sent home from Dancing With the Stars.

The hunky Iowa farmer was forced to defend his relationship with Whitney Bischoff when she was absent from the audience a second week in a row to cheer on his performance with rumored fling and dance partner, Witney Carson. Soules revealed to Us Magazine that she had more important family matters to attend on the tenth anniversary of her mom’s death.

I miss her, but I think it’s healthy for her to be away. She’s my number one fan. So I know she’s there for me and when all of this is over it’ll be nice to just be together.

The couple’s future arrived sooner than Soules expected after his elimination from the competition last night (May 5, 2015). While disappointed that he did not make it to the final round of DWTS, the farmer is relieved to trade in his sequins for flannel.

My family needs me back there and we’re in the middle of planting season which is one of the most important times of the year for us. I’m excited to be back there, that’s something I really enjoy.


Soules admitted to People:

I’m excited to just get back to what I’m good at. Dancing is not what I’m good at. I got as good as I could possibly get, but I’m going to go do things that come natural to me.

Getting the ground ready to plant corn. #springishere

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The real prize for the former Bachelor star lies taking the next steps with his Arlington sweetheart outside of the limelight of reality television.

This is not real life. L.A. isn’t real life for me. Arlington is and Chicago — that’s real life and we want to take that step and then we’ll make those plans. I think we’re both looking forward to being out of the spotlight and Arlington’s the best place to do that!

Who is ready to get down and dirty tonight? #thebachelor #muckfest

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Could that be the sound of wedding bells, or is it just the cattle driving in for their feed?