WATCH: Kris Jenner Reveals All of the Plastic Surgery Procedures She’s Had Done

Kris Jenner is opening up about her plastic surgery procedures.

It’s no secret that Jenner has had plastic surgery in the past. She’s even documented some of those procedures on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. But, people want to know everything she’s gotten done, and she’s finally revealing those details.

While on the E!‘s Good Work, Jenner talked about her cosmetic surgery procedures. “Botox, fillers, lasers, things like that,” Kris revealed. “I had a boob job in the ’80s after four kids because gravity took over.”

But, then she decided a couple of years ago that her boobs were “too big” and had them removed and got a lift.

Watch the video below to hear Jenner reveal whether or not she’s had a nose job!


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