One Direction Feud: Everyone Is Team Louis Tomlinson, No One Is Team Zayn Malik

Zayn vs. Louis
Zayn Malik slams Louis Tomlinson after leaving One Direction.
Zayn Drops 1D
Zayn Malik drops "1D" from his Twitter handle.

The One Direction fandom has got Louis Tomlinson’s back.

After seeing the British singer get dissed by former bandmate Zayn Malik and producer Naughty Boy on Twitter, 1D fans quickly rallied together to throw their support for the British crooner. The hashtag #TomlinsonSlaysAgain, which referred to the 23-year-old’s former Twitter war with Naughty Boy, quickly became a trending topic after the trio’s heated exchange.

Essentially, many fans were #TeamLouis in the whole situation because he stuck with his followers.

Meanwhile, no one was really rooting for Malik.

However, everyone was against Naughty Boy, who seemed to be the main instigator in the whole mess.

All in all, the fandom just wept for the death of the once unbreakable bond between Tomlinson and Malik known as Zouis.

R.I.P. Zouis.