Zayn Malik to One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson: Stop Making ‘Bitchy’ Comments About My Life

1D Talks Zayn Malik
The remaining members comment about their ex-bandmate.
Zayn Malik Talks 1D
The singer breaks his silence after leaving boy band.

All’s not well within the One Direction world.

Zayn Malik, who left the group in March and recently burned the bridge with his former band when he changed his official Twitter handle, still has some beef with one of 1D’s remaining members.

The feud became public when Louis Tomlinson and producer Naughty Boy, who is currently working on Malik’s solo material, had a little spat on Twitter. It all started when Tomlinson made a seemingly innocent observation about Macbook filters on Wednesday, tweeting:

Naughty Boy presumably bored in his irrelevance decided to troll Tomlinson by riling him up with some nasty messages. Unfortunately, Tomlinson took the bait and a Twitter war ensued.

In the midst of the online argument, Malik stepped in to defend — gasp! — his current producer, dissing Tomlinson with a sassy tweet and essentially breaking the bonds of 1D brotherhood forever. Malik wrote to his ex-bandmate:

Naughty Boy retweeted Malik’s message to Tomlinson as the One Direction fandom essentially freaked out over the heated exchange between the once loving BFFs.

Maybe it’s time Malik and Tomlinson rethink those matching tattoos they share.