Kourtney Kardashian Says Penelope and North Are Already Fighting Over Shoes

With their own fashion and beauty brands as well as being the faces of several other high-end brands, the Kardashians are indeed fashion moguls, and it looks like their spawn are also taking on that role.

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North West knows what she wants when it comes to fashion.

In a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Kourtney Kardashian dishes on all things motherhood, including how her daughter Penelope Disick already has a sense of style on her own.

In fact, Penelope, 2, is already fighting with her cousin North West, 1, over the single most important thing in their closet: shoes.

“Both of the girls love shoes,” Kourtney explains. “Last night North was over and they were fighting over shoes in Penelope’s closet and they were so cute. By the end they were sharing and trying the shoes on each other and having so much fun. It reminds me of how Kim and I were when we were little girls.”

And the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Kourtney added her own childhood story:

I remember playing in my mom’s closet with Kim as little girls—we had this game we played, I was Donna Karan and she was my assistant, and I was really bossy. We would always hear my mom talk about designers, and she had all this designer vintage, but it wasn’t vintage at the time — a lot of Chanel — such great clothes, shoes, jewelry. We had so much fun playing in her closet.”

Now, being a mom to her own daughter, Kourtney finds that her style often revolves around giving Penelope someone to look up to.

“I think my daughter actually influences my style more than having boys. I tend to dress more masculine with pants or shorts or flat boots, and she makes me want to dress more stylish, more girly,” she says before continuing. “[Penelope] already tries on my shoes, and she plays with my makeup. It’s fun, but it brings out the girlier side in me knowing that I’m a role model for her.”

And speaking of mother role models, she also notes the biggest lesson she took from her own mama Kris Jenner: “She’s shown me and my sisters how to celebrate life and celebrate holidays, and she takes so much pride, she’s instilled that in us.”

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, Kourtney is already preparing their family tradition. “We usually like to make breakfast. There’s this Armenian breakfast we all make together: You have to make the dough the night before, so I do that, and then Khloe and Kendall usually cook the dough in the morning, and then no moms have to do dishes. That’s the rule.”

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