Kristen Stewart: Women Who Get Plastic Surgery ‘Are Losing Their Minds’

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Kristen Stewart may not approve of Kylie Jenner’s latest announcement about her fake lips.

While speaking with Harper’s Bazaar U.K. for her June issue cover story, in which she calls Hollywood “disgustingly sexist,” the Still Alice actress also aired her grievances for city’s obsession with plastic surgery. Speaking about her own appearance, Stewart says she likes to forge her own path and would “never” consider going under the knife in the name of beauty.

“No, never. Never,” she tells the publication. “I am so freaked out by the idea of doing anything. And maybe that’s completely arrogant but I don’t want to change anything about myself. I think the women who do are losing their minds. It’s vandalism.”

Regarding her own style, the 25-year-old, who’s known for preference for sneakers over heels, Stewart admits she’s not really the celebrity to look to for beauty advice.

“I either like being really sexy or insanely androgynous,” she confesses. “I’m not great at applying make-up myself. My mom never taught me anything, she doesn’t wear make-up…I like mineral make-up. You can’t screw it up and it’s not bad for your skin.”

“I don’t like having nice hair, ever,” she adds, explaining about her signature “I woke up like this” look. “There’s something about it that pushes me over into feeling like I’m wearing a costume. So long as I can have my hair the way it normally is, then I can do everything else full on.”

But just don’t go asking her to be in sex scenes. In the same interview, Stewart also dishes about the awkwardness of doing the nasty in front of the camera.

“I only hate them when they’re contrived,” she says. “That’s when it’s grotesquely uncomfortable. On Twilight we had to do the most epic sex scene of all time. It had to be transcendent and otherworldly, inhuman, better sex than you can possibly ever imagine, and we were like, ‘How do we live up to that?’ It was agony. Which sucks, because I wanted it to be so good.”