25 Reasons Why Fox Made a Mistake in Canceling ‘The Mindy Project’

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Friends, believers in love, and fans of Danny Castellano’s ma’s lasagne, it’s true: after three joyful seasons, Fox has officially let go of The Mindy Project.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, while the network passed on a fourth season of Mindy Kaling’s TV series, Universal Television is apparently “in talks” with Hulu for a multiple season renewal. Sources tell THR that two more seasons is likely.

On Wednesday night (May 6, 2015), as news broke of the cancellation, Kaling posted this mysterious postcard from Montana:

Hey guys, I'm in Montana, is anything happening in LA? #themindyproject

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At some point, we’re all going to be on the floor stuffing our faces with donuts, Twizzlers and whatever sugary snacks we can get our interns to buy (sour straws). So before that sad moment happens, let’s remind Fox why they’re leaving this relationship a loser.

The Mindy Project blessed us with the best thing to come out of Staten Island

And even though he wasn’t the nicest guy to Mindy for a little bit

Our hearts melted big time when they met on top of the Empire State Building



Also, we are forever in debt to Mindy Kaling for convincing Chris Messina to do this

TMP taught us everything we need to know about family values


And most of all, TMP made us believe in love


And over


TMP also gave some of the best TV characters ever, including Morgan



Peter (still not over it)


And duh, Mindy

(Yes, we left Dr. Reed out. But he’ll be fine crying about it to daddy dearest)

Pour one out for The Mindy Project, aka. the best show on Planet Earth